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July 10th, 2012




Richard Barrier

Over the Top Projects LLC

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TXT ME L8R® is an Android phone app that is a solution for Distracted Driving and texting.  TXT ME L8R® will save lives and prevent accidents that can have a crippling effect on a family’s life.

TXT ME L8R® is simple to use, easy to setup, and is customizable.  The app is setup on the teenager’s phone.  So, when the phone goes over 5, 10, or 20 miles per hour TXT ME L8R® disables the phone’s ability to send or receive text messages, prevents the use of any of the apps on the phone, and all in-coming phone calls goes straight to voice mail.  In the event that the phone goes over the maximum speed limit an email is sent to the parent with the speed, the time, and location of the phone.

TXT ME L8R® is for parents because they love and want to protect their children from dangerous behavior.  TXT ME L8R® does have a pledge on its website.  But unlike other pledges, TXT ME L8R®’s pledge is for the parent.  Because the parents have put TXT ME L8R® on their teenager’s phone, the parent also pledges to not text and drive.  TXT ME L8R® makes both the parent and the teenager accountability partners.

TXT ME L8R® is the first smartphone app being released by Over the Top Projects LLC.  Over the Top Projects LLC was started in January 2011 and is located in Orange, CA.  For more information, contact : Richard Barrier or send an email to or go to our website WWW.TXTMEL8R.COM for more information and lots of content.

You are 23 times more likely to crash if you text while driving.