Our Vision

We believe the TXT ME L8R® app will impact the world by saving lives. In the United States over 5500 people died last year from distracted driving and about one third of those deaths were attributed directly to texting while driving.

Besides the 5500 deaths there were over 1.5 millions accidents from distracted driving last year. While at first the creator of the app was focused on saving lives he quickly asked himself this question. How many of those accidents crippled, maimed, or disfigured someone for life?

There is a ripple effect for both deaths and accidents. Not only are these people directly affected but also their friends, their family, and everyone around them. So that TXT ME L8R® will impact millions of lives, we want everyone to be able to afford this app. Our vision is to MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. That’s the reason it is priced at only $0.99 for Teenager model and FREE for TXT ME L8R for Adults.

CLICK HERE to purchase Teenager Model.
CLICK HERE to purchase Adult Model.

TXT ME L8R® is a bridge at the crossroads of technology and vulnerability from distracted driving from texting. Distracted driving is a global problem that we believe we have a found a solution to!

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  1. Do you have to buy this app from the phone you want to put it on or can you buy from any phone.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ernie! You would purchase the app from the phone that is actually going to be using the software (for instance, your teenager’s phone). You will enter your phone number and email address while setting up the app from their phone so that you are notified of the phones activity. You will be notified when any of the following occur:
      the phone has attempted to send a text message
      the phone has attempted to make a call
      the phone is traveling at an unsafe speed
      the app is disabled by the teenager
      the teenager want to request you to temporarily disable the app

      You also have the opportunity to enter additional phone numbers that will also receive these notifications. If you have any other questions try visiting the “How It Works” page or asking a specific question from the “Contact” page (both accessible from the link in the top right).

  2. Fredrick James says:

    I’m interested in this app, but after reading your web page I’m still not really sure how it works? Please explain what the app actually does. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      We have recently added more information on the “How It Works” page (accessible from the link in the top right). Once on this page you find a general overview of the app & then a very detailed description including screen shots. If this still doesn’t really make sense we would love to talk about specific questions which can be submitted from the “Contact” page. Thanks for helping us save lives!

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You are 23 times more likely to crash if you text while driving.